Here at Thoman media, we can help answer all your video needs. We will work with you to find what best fits your situation and budget, and get you a polished product as soon as possible.




One of the most important aspects of owning a business is the brand. Whether you need to promote or create a brand for either your entire business or one product, Thoman Media can help.

Product Promotion

The most traditional form of promoting using video is to tell what your product is and why it is the best choice. Thoman Media is able to work with you to come up with creative videos to be able to help you grow your customer base.

Content Marketing

A new way of promoting your product to your costumers is to educate them. Educating your costumers about the industry you are in will help you better communicate why your specific product is needed and how it compares to competitors. Thoman Media is here to help you create the content you need in order to reach your audience.

Investor Relations

Many businesses rely on investors, but sometimes your budget does not allow for enough staff to be able to meet with every investor in a timely manner. This is where video promotion can come in, to show how your business is beneficial to potential investors and current investors. Thoman Media can work with you to get your valuable information out to the masses.

Testimonial Videos

One growing trend in the consumer world is to hear from other consumers. This is why social sites have increased so much recently, sites like amazon - which allow for customer reviews. Give your customers a word from someone who has experienced your product and can attest to the satisfaction that came along with it. Thoman Media can help you put together engaging testimonials to show that your product does what it says.

Public Relations


Employee Motivation

A healthy business has healthy employees. Video can help in several ways to boost company morale. Thoman Media is here to help your business in whatever the current need is for employee motivation.

Employee Awareness

Encouraging staff by awarding them with recognition can really boost the morale at the work place. Thoman Media can help implement new ideas and develop them to what works best for your business.

Executive Messaging

Often a busy manager or executive cannot make an appearance at every meeting. Or maybe you want a video with your executive staff members greeting your other employees. Video is a perfect solution for both. Being able to create and share a quick video can really say volumes about what the executive staff's relationship is with the rest of the employees. Thoman Media can help to develop and produce any number of types of video for your business's needs.

Video News Letters

Lets face it, it is very hard to believe that every employee will spend the time to sit down and read an entire news letter. This is where video can help.

Corporate Events

Being able to record an event for people who could not make it or just for the sake of documentation can be a great addition to the business's collection. Thoman Media is perfect for being able to work out flexible prices for the simplicity or complexity going into filming your event.



Employee Orientation

Employee orientations can become very exhausting on personnel trying to do everything. Video can help ease the process, and create a more engaging medium to reach your newly hired employees. Thoman Media has a great skill set to be able to meet all your needs for creating an orientation for your work place.

Recording Traditional Training

Doing a training session can be really hard when trying to work around everyone's schedule. That is where video can help. Thoman Media can work with you to record your employee meetings or training seminars and make the budget fit around what your needs are.

Staff Training/Instruction

Staff training can be done much more timely and efficiently when there is a system in place that will be the same every time. Thoman Media is the answer to solving that training problem, we will work with you to create what is right for your business.

Safety Training

Safety is one of the most important aspect of your workplace, so you want to make sure it is taught right. With a polished video, you can make sure that nothing is missing from any safety training session. Thoman Media can help you develop a training series for your business that will last for years to come, using visual media to be engaging and educational.